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Homelessness as a blank space in telenovelas and series - Watch the video of our travel of dialogue in Bogotá (Colombia) now.

News from Mar 24, 2023

The armed conflict in Colombia and drug trafficking have had and continue to have a direct impact on homeless people. Yet they are hardly portrayed in telenovelas and series. During the travel of dialogue in Bogotá "The people who don't matter", we discussed these voids with former street dwellers from the organisation Idipron and talked about the representation of homelessness in Colombian telenovelas and series. Ex-homeless people are working together with Idipron to get people off the streets and give them back their rights. The itinerary for the travel of dialogue was designed by Idipron and showed the "invisible" Bogotá - the city as seen by people who have no permanent home.

Watch the video now.

More information about our travels of dialogue and the video (subtitles available in German, Spanish and English).

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