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Art and Community as Resistance in Medellin - The video of our travel of dialogue in Medellín (Colombia) is online

News from Apr 28, 2023

During the travel of dialogue "Remembering and Travelling: "Experiences of resistance in the north-western area of Medellín 1990 - 2000" in Medellín, Colombia, we visited different places in the city with students from the Escuela Normal Superior María Auxiliadora-Copacabana, Antioquia, which stand for the resistance against drug trafficking and violence by the Medellín cartel. Many young people became contract killers, so-called sicarios for the drug cartel, especially in the 80s and 90s. They are thus an integral part of telenovelas and series such as Pablo Escobar - El Patrón del Mal or Narcos. However, the social context of the young people is rarely shown, which is what makes them sicarios in the first place. During the travel of dialogue, places and organisations were visited that help young people in Medellín to get out of these structures. 

Watch the video now.

More information about our travels of dialogue and the video (subtitles available in German, Spanish and English.

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