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The preparations for the travels of dialogue in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali are underway.

News from Sep 12, 2022

In October, we will conduct three more dialogue trips. These are part of our transfer activities, aimed at sharing research on telenovelas and series outside the university context. The travels of dialogue are inspired by the Citizen Science approach, where citizens can research by themselves and contribute to the project.

On October 8, we will talk about resistance, sicarios (hitmen) and youth together with school students from the Colegio Copacabana in Medellín, as well as about the social contexts they come from. On October 11, former homeless persons from the organization Idipron will organize a travel of dialogue for us, where we will see the "invisible" Bogotá - the city from the point of view of people who do not have a permanent home. For the last dialogue trip, which will take place on October 15 in Cali, we will discuss the representation of music in telenovelas and series with music students, musicians, and salsa experts. What role did salsa play for the Cali Cartel? The three travels of dialogue are about what is not depicted in series and telenovelas: social contexts, homelessness, or the dark side of salsa. Already now we would like to thank all our cooperation partners from the Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad del Rosario and the Asociación Caompania La Otra and all the people who make the dialogue trips possible.

Click here for more information about our previous dialogue trips in Chile and the planned events in Colombia.

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