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Pablo Escobar (played by Andrés Parra) in a warehouse while counting banknotes. Poster for the Colombian telenovela Pablo Escobar, El patrón del mal.

Name of the telenovela:

Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal (in its first broadcast, Canal Caracol reserved the right to call the telenovela Escobar, el patrón del mal)

Country: Colombia
Original language: Spanish
Television channel: Caracol Televisión   
First broadcast: from May 28 to September 19, 2012
Time of first broadcast: Mondays to Fridays starting at 21:30  
Number of episodes:

113 (Colombian first broadcast); 74 (international version)

Original idea: Camilo Cano Busquest y Juana Uribe Pachón
Script: Juan Camilo Ferrand

Carlos Moreno, Laura Mora

Executive Producer: Diego Ramírez 
Production: Juana Uribe  
Production company Caracol Televisión in collaboration with Canokamedia, Producciones en Mente and Plural