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Bloque de Búsqueda

The series Bloque de Búsqueda is a series about the unknown history of the group called Search Bloc (Bloque de Búsqueda), which in 1992 was formed with the purpose of capturing dead or alive the drug trafficker of the Medellin Cartel - Pablo Escobar. Search Bloc as a series based on true events tells the story of this group, but specifically the story of the three members of the group who represent all the other brave members of this mission: Colonel Hernán Martín, his son Hernán Martín Jr. and Captain Antonio Gavilán - three men who put not only their own lives, but also those of their families, at risk to fulfill their duty to capture the most wanted drug trafficker of that time.

Martín, the son of a colonel and the mastermind behind the mission, is recognised in the series as a shrewd and incorruptible man, and saw his son join the Search Bloc group as well. Gavilan as head of Copes (Comando de Operaciones Especiales), famous for having captured a number of criminals, was a man unafraid of death and an expert at his craft.

During the course of their mission they had to face various obstacles not only with each other, but also with all the people inside and outside the Search Bloc. Although best friends Martin and Gavilán had differences in their approach to the conflict, with one championing justice, and the other not waiting for it to actually come, they realised that they could trust absolutely no one but each other. Both their own subordinates and people in the government gradually fell prey to corruption and betrayal. Their families also had to go to great lengths: hiding, changing their identities and living day by day in fear that their loved ones would return home dead. Both the members of the Search Bloc and their families were heroes in such a violent and cruel time in Colombia.

Written by Valentina Mendez Höcherl