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Isabel, 2021, Chile

Poster Isabel

Poster Isabel
Image Credit: Poster of Isabel, published in Filmaffinity. The cover features Chilean actress, Daniela Ramirez, portraying Isabel Allende.

The miniseries Isabel, during its three chapters, addresses some of the most important events in the personal and professional life of the Chilean writer and journalist Isabel Allende Llona, who is considered one of the most recognized authors in the world.

The chapters -of approximately one hour- narrate her beginnings in the world of journalism, her family life and marriage, her collaboration in the transfer of people who needed to leave the country after the coup d'état in Chile (1973), her exile in Venezuela, the writing of her first novel and, finally, the tragic death of her eldest daughter Paula, in 1992.

In parallel, time jumps are made to Allende's childhood, considering her family's return to Chile from Lima, Peru, as well as the time she lived in her grandparents' house.

Under the direction of Rodrigo Bazaes (who was also the director of seasons 6 and 7 of the TV-series Los 80) and financed by the Audiovisual Promotion Fund of the Chilean National Television Council (CNTV, in Spanish), the series had two release dates: in March 2021 it premiered on the Amazon Prime streaming platform. Then, on June 3 of the same year, it began its transmission on the Chilean channel that produced it, Mega.

The realization of the miniseries had the prior approval of the author. In addition, part of her books were used as a source of information for the recreation of Isabel Allende's life, which, in this case, considers 47 years of her life (from 1945 to 1992).

Written by Paulina Jerez y Crystal Sarmiento