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Historical telenovela / Telenovela histórica

Historical telenovelas are characterized by their depiction of a specific period or specific historical events. They usually deal with important sociopolitical changes in the early history of a country, such as wars or deeds of heroic national figures. They thus contribute to the formation of national identity. Events are reconstructed and combined with fictional elements. Authenticity is built through historically accurate props and costumes, the depiction of real personalities and events, and the use of real places as filming locations. Historical telenovelas differ from telenovelas of memory as they show events that the audience cannot themselves remember based on their own experiences, such as the Latin American wars of independence, the slave trade, or the Mexican Revolution.

Examples for historical telenovelas: A escrava Isaura (slave trade, Brazil, 1976, 2004), Gritos de muerte y libertad (Mexican war of independence, Mexico, 2010), La Pola (war of independence in today’s Colombia, Colombia, 2011)