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A series, like a telenovela, operates with elements of suspense and of melodrama. The broadcast of the individual chapters usually takes place once a week, often on the weekend. Series consist of different episodes that last between 45 to 50 minutes. These are shown in different seasons, each of which has about ten to thirteen episodes. The plot of each series varies depending on the genre, as the choice of subject is quite loose. The focus is on a fixed group of main characters with whom the audience can identify. There are different storylines, which are often initiated by secondary characters. Even if you miss an episode, you can still easily follow the storyline. The plot is clearly limited. Unlike many telenovelas, a series does not always need to have a happy ending. Series are often sold as DVDs or featured on online streaming platforms, like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This makes watching a series an individual experience, as it is not tied to a fixed broadcast time on television. In the genre of series, there are different types, such as anthology: a series with different chapters that are not interconnected, and each has its own self-contained plot. Miniseries are characterized by fewer episodes and a more intense plot. A miniseries has more than one, but no more than fifteen episodes.

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