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Transfer between academia and society

Transfer between academia and society

GUMELAB aims to go beyond the academic space and share research results with society.

The following transfer measures were conceived by the GUMELAB team, considering every respective target group:

Inspired by the Citizen Science approach, which promotes the exchange between science and society, we have planned travels of dialogue with citizens. These dialogue forums will take place in Chile and Colombia at locations significant for both the countries’ history and the plots in the telenovelas. The participants will be made aware of the issues to be discussed but should also participate actively in the project in their role as telenovelas audiences.

The pedagogical material, such as worksheets for teachers and students in Chile and Colombia, as well as its publication on the Internet for didactic reuse, will compile the results of the project for its use in the educational sector and include telenovelas de la memoria as reflective media.

By means of recommendations for action through strategy papers, the project’s results will be communicated to national actors in the context of democratization and peace-building processes, as well as to decision-makers in the fields of political education, communication and commercial entertainment policy in the countries studied and beyond. The project will also continue the dialogue with producers of telenovelas to promote public debates on the ethical responsibility of television broadcasters and on-demand platforms.

To reach strategically selected, broad target groups, the most important project results will also be shared in so-called cápsulas audiovisuales - short, virally conceived audiovisual productions with a playing time of approx. 1-2 minutes - as part of targeted advertising campaigns in various social networks.

A disciplinary diversified academic audience will be reached by organizing workshops in Germany, Colombia, and Chile during different project phases and by an international conference at the German Historical Institute Washington. At the same time, depending on workshop topics, key actors from civil organizations and the political sphere will also be invited to ensure the transfer of project results to corresponding spaces.