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Das Team


Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke is the project leader of GUMELAB. He researches Latin American History and gives lectures as well as seminars at the Institute for Latin American Studies at the Freie Unversität Berlin. He is especially interested in Latin America’s role in Global History and in questions of cultural globalization.

His favorite series is Borgen (Denmark, 2010-2013).


Dr. Mónika Contreras Saiz

Dr. Mónika Contreras Saiz is the project leader of GUMELAB. Since 2012, she has been researching about how people learn the past. Her focus is primarily on how history and memory are transmitted through telenovelas, series, and comics, and on the use of digital humanities methods to investigate how they are received.

She fondly remembers the first telenovela she ever saw: Los Cuervos (Colombia, 1984).


Holle Meding, M.A

Holle Meding works as a pre-doctoral researcher on the GUMELAB project. Her research encompasses the influence of state and market interests on historical narratives in TV series, as well as the transmission of historical knowledge and political values. Her interest is on TV series about the Chilean military dictatorship.

One of her favorite series is the Finnish-Chilean production Invisible Heroes (Finland/Chile, 2019).


Hannah Müssemann, M.A.

Hannah Müssemann works as a pre-doctoral researcher on the GUMELAB project. Her primary concern is the reception of telenovelas and series in the Latin American diaspora in the USA. She is particularly interested in the transfer of memory imagery.

Her favorite series is Friends (USA, 1994-2004).


Renato Llévenes Gac 

Renato Llévenes Gac works as a student assistant on the GUMELAB project. His main academic interests are the history of the press in Middle/Eastern European socialist states, as well Latin America’s recent history, memory studies and labor movement(s).

His favorite series are the early seasons of The Simpsons (USA, 1989-1997).


Camila Sánchez Nocua 

Camila Sánchez Nocua works as a student assistant on the GUMELAB project. She is interested in the representations of Latin American society and their narratives in Latin American films, especially in Colombian films.

Her favorite series is Gilmore Girls (USA, 2000-2007).