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Internships for students of the LAI

We are offering a research internship within the GUMELAB project for three students of the Institute for Latin American Studies at the FU Berlin, which can be accredited in the module Research Praxis. The internships are offered both during the winter and summer semesters and applications can be submitted on a consecutive basis throughout the year.

The planned concept is as follows:

  • Internship lasting 360-400 hours, i.e. e.g. compactly approx. 10 weeks full-time or part-time over the winter/summer semester.
  • Briefing and regular exchange through internship supervisors
  • Gathering of research experience first-hand or in direct exchange; involvement in research processes of the department/project and, if applicable, working on an own small project (e.g. working with research data, research, concept development, scientific exchange, if workshops/conferences take place, etc.).
  • Work is usually done online or from home (without own workplace at LAI); the ability to work independently is a prerequisite.
  • No tasks that are frequently performed by student assistants, such as homepage updates, assisting guests, scanning, etc.
  • No remuneration, however, a later written internship confirmation by the department or the externally funded project (the acquisition of 20 credit points is already done via the module "Scientific Practice"/"Wissenschaftspraxis")

Concrete tasks could be:

  • Analyzing different episodes of telenovelas and series, such as Narcos, Los 80, Tres Caínes, Dignity.
  • Conducting interviews about telenovelas and series, for example with students of the Institute for Latin American Studies or with people from Latin America living in Berlin.
  • Support for workshops and events
  • It is also possible to carry out your own project in consultation with the internship supervisors. It is important that the project is embedded in the GUMELAB project.

For further information please contact Ms. Holle Meding (holle.meding@fu-berlin.de).

Further information

Applications should be sent electronically by e-mail to Ms. Holle Meding (holle.meding@fu-berlin.de), together with relevant documents in PDF format (preferably as one document).

Due to circumstances and for the period of emergency attendance at Freie Universität Berlin, we kindly ask you to apply electronically by e-mail. The processing of a postal application cannot be guaranteed.

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By submitting an online application, you as an applicant give your consent to your data being electronically processed and stored.
We would like to point out that Freie Universität Berlin cannot guarantee the security of transmitted personal data if your application is sent electronically without protection.