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Lawyer Leo Ramirez portrayed by Marcel Rodriguez (right) and his brother Pedro Ramirez played by Nils Rovira-Muñoz (left) in front of the emblematic fence of Colonia Dignidad.

Name of the series: Dignity
Country: Germany, Chile
Original language: German, Spanish
Television channel: Joyn + (Germany), Mega (Chile)
Time of first broadcast: 19.12.2019 
Seasons: 1
Number of episodes:

8 episodes of 52 minutes (first season)

Original idea:

María Elena Wood, Patricio Pereira


Andreas Gutzeit (Headwriter)

Robert Krause & Florian Puchert (rewrites)


Julio Jorquera Arriagada

Executive Producers: Jens Feels, Andreas Gutzeit
Production Company: Story House Productions/ Invercine & Wood