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La Entrega

Presentation image for "La Entrega" from it's official Facebook site

Presentation image for "La Entrega" from it's official Facebook site
Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/La-Entrega-1081275435295404/photos/2761168797306051 © Macondo Producciones

The Bolivian crime miniseries La Entrega depicts the trafficking of minors. The plot tells the story of the disappearance of the teenager Gracia, which leads her mother Raquel to search for her whereabouts. At the same time, the television reporter Pato is obsessively investigating cases of sex trafficking. Both characters meet during their corresponding investigations and, together with the ex-football player Jorge, they uncover a network of child trafficking.

The series falls into the category of telenovelas of "fictional reality". The core of La Entrega's story is a real social problem in Bolivia: the Bolivian Observatory for Citizen Security (Observatorio Boliviano de Seguridad Ciudadana) reports 280 cases for the first semester of 2021 alone. Out of these cases, 69% of the people affected were women and 45% were minors. As part of the series' general presentation, the cast of La Entrega stressed the urgency of dealing with the issue in a television format. In this sense, although the story told by La Entrega is fictional, it is based on an existing social problem.

This series is a spin-off of the film Muralla, directed, like the series, by Gory Patiño. La Entrega premiered on the public channel Red Uno in 2019 and later on the streaming platform Amazon Prime, thus reaching an international audience. On the latter platform, it became the second most watched series in Bolivia in 2021. It was also the first Bolivian series exported to other countries, being broadcast in Australia, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey.

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