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Crystal & Catalina's report about the tandem experience

Crystal and Catalina

Crystal and Catalina

Crystal and Catalina's tandem began in October 2022, when Catalina traveled to Santiago de Chile from Berlin, where she is pursuing her master's degree in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies at the Freie Universität. There, the two met personally and attended a welcome meeting organized by Dr. Lorena Antezana, who is in charge of the project at the Faculty of Communication and Image at the University of Chile in Santiago.The research stay at the university lasted two months, during which both scholarship holders were able to present their projects to the rest of the team, in the case of Crystal, an undergraduate thesis focused on the recreation of real events in the docudrama Ecos del Desierto, and in the case of Catalina, her research on the reception of the series Los 80, which will be her master's thesis.

The experience of sharing work, in addition to the support and comments from FCEI academics, allowed Catalina to resolve doubts and refine the thesis project she had to begin field work, which consisted mainly of interviews conducted in different cities of the country. In addition to the activities at the university, Crystal and Catalina, along with the other GUMELAB fellows, visited the The Museum of Memory and Human Rights , which was relevant to the projects of each of them.

On the other hand, Crystal traveled from Santiago de Chile to Berlin at the end of April 2023. For 20 days she had the opportunity to tour the city, learn about the different cultures that converge there, and delve into the history of Germany. During her stay, she presented a second part of her research, focused on how real information about an event could be used in the construction of a script for a production based on real events.

In this way, both students completed their tandem experience, advancing their research and contributing to the GUMELAB research project.