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Stephany & Carolina's report about the tandem experience

Carolina and Stephany

Carolina and Stephany

Research is an academic look at reality, it is the questioning of a phenomenon of our context or everyday life in order to understand the behaviours and processes that occur in society. This allows us to recognize the forms of socialization and structure of each place, addressing their social dynamics and the structural bases of their communities. Accordingly, the intention of recognizing the perspectives of the diverse cultures and contexts from the teamwork proposed by GUMELAB, allowed us to analyze the processes that revolve around the analysis of the audio-visual series, approaching not only from the visualization of the series or telenovelas but also from the different social actors.

The tandem made thanks to the GUMELAB fellowship played an important role in the collaboration of the research projects as well as, in the multicultural connection between the students of the Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Antioquia. Among the most relevant benefits of the tandem, we highlight the cultural exchange, the interchange of knowledge, and the opportunity to generate an opening of contact networks in both cities. Each of the researchers was able to get to know a new city in the company of her partner, allowing her to highlight the most relevant aspects of each place and learn from the context in which she has lived for the sake of her research.

Emphasizing the above, given the research nature, the cultural exchange generated the ability to immerse ourselves in the new environment, as well as to improve the investigative faculty in this new environment. It is relevant to clarify that the teamwork guided each other in the adaptation of the dynamics of the respective cities, concerning the forms and idiosyncrasies of the new cities.  Not only allows the experience of new cultural and academic environments but also contributes to new perspectives, and broader, research topics, exploring new approaches and considerations in the projects.
Regarding the academic environment, the sharing of knowledge, experience, and research techniques between the students generated a better match when starting with the student's project from the Freie Universität Berlin. In particular, the experience of Carolina, who was already more advanced in her research, made it easier for her counterpart to learn new methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to approach the object and subject of the study.

On the other hand, thanks to the interchange between the students, it was possible to generate wider connections within the University of Antioquia and the Freie Universität Berlin, as well as collaborations with colleagues and professors from different backgrounds. These relations were beneficial for the conclusion of the fieldwork, since without this help the data recollection would not have been carried out in such an optimal way, given that the closeness of these people, propitiated to obtain new participants in the research process.

Finally, this research tandem formed thanks to the GUMELAB grant, has been an invaluable opportunity for collaboration among the students, allowing for great progress concerning the fieldwork, cultural experience, and adaptation to diverse academic and research environments.  Despite the short duration of the research stay, the benefits of this cooperation are immeasurable, including improved research techniques, broadened perspectives, and intercultural competence. These research tandem contribute to the growth and development of the students as it fosters collaboration and mutual understanding with diverse platforms and environments. We are very grateful to GUMELAB, the Freie University Berlin, the University of Antioquia, and everyone that helped us in the process since they provided us with a unique and academically powerful experience.